Thursday, February 23, 2012

Apotheosis goes 4/8 in H Dragon Soul! H Zon'Ozz Down!

This will be a quickie.  Tonight was a solid progression night for my new guild, Apotheosis.  I had a good feeling we'd get heroic Zon'Ozz down tonight, but I figured there was also a fair chance that we'd spend some quality time wiping.

Much to my surprise, we killed him on the 6th pull!  I continue to be amazed by how talented the players in this raid are.  I cant say how happy I was to be a legitimate contributor to the DPS effort.  From there we went on to drop heroic Hagara and do some excellent first attempts at H Ultraxion.  7.6% wipes=kill coming to a blog near you, soon!

In closing, it was another fun, educational raid night with Apotheosis.  I derped a little on Hagara, but I learned a lot from the kill as well.  Next time will result in a much better showing from yours truly.  Here's a kill shot from Ozzy.  Enjoy!

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