Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You Don't Know Jack- Adventures at Blizzcon 2013 Part 1

A Near Miss

The last two days have been an explosion of Blizzcon stories on Twitter.  Aside from enjoying all the different tales of who met whom, this has resulted in an intense desire to share my thoughts.  Lucky for all of us, I have this blog thing!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pressing Pause

What follows is my raider resignation post from the Apotheosis forums. I wanted to share it here because not everybody can read the guild content. 

Apotheosis friends,


I don’t want to make this a big dramatic thing, because it’s not one; I’ve chosen to step down from raiding for the foreseeable future.  I still enjoy the game and I love the group of people I play with.  Life just has a funny way of asserting its self and lately I’ve found myself wishing I had more time to do things other than Warcraft.  I’ve been trying to focus on my fitness, my home, and my friendships lately and it feels good.

I don’t know how long I’m going to be out, but I’ll be around here and there.  My life’s priorities are shifting and there are only so many hours in the day.  This decision comes with a heavy heart, but it’s something I have thought on for long enough and I know it’s the right choice.

To the officers: if you need a DPS on any given raid night, feel free to ping me on Twitter.  If I’m available, I will always be happy to hulk-smash things for you.  If you have questions about anything pertaining to my resignation, please contact me.  Like I said, I’ll be around so this isn’t a goodbye post.


-Colin (Jack)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I decided to do a counter-post to a blog entry Jasyla, my guild's GM, posted yesterday.   The purpose of this isn't to attack her or point out how she’s wrong or anything negative like that.  What I hope to do with this is to get myself involved in the discussion in a constructive way.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

8th Anniversary Gaffes

Normally I'm not one of those people who jump on the "Blizzard and WoW are really going downhill" bandwagon, but I just couldn't ignore this.

Evidently today is WoW's 8th Anniversary.  That's tremendous.  I for one still enjoy this game quite a lot, so I'm always happy to observe milestones like this.  From year to year the festivities surrounding this even have varied.  For several years (it seems,) Blizzard was in the habit of handing out vanity pets, as a thank you to players who were around to log in on the anniversary.  This year it seems they just didn't give any shits.  Negative shits were given even.  See below:

Oh, no pet? :(
And then I noticed:
Uh, what?  A certain very large dragon? A shattered world? Did they just re-use the letter from last year?

And, the cherry on top:
Oh, SQEEEE a rep item that is of little to no use to a level 90 toon.

At first I thought, "oh okay, at least it's a rep bonus item, I can dig that.  I need lots of rep still." Then I read the green text. -.-

People who play this game generally act like they're entitled to a lot from Blizzard.  We pay monthly for this service and sort of expect certain things.  Maybe Blizzard was just spoiling us those years we got the pets.  I just can't stomach this though.  Re-using the thank you letter from last year is just a tacky slap in the face to players.  What it really says is "Oh, it's our 8th anniversary already?  Uh, sure we remembered!  Here's this, uh, thing we whipped up just special for all of you people who have been with us all this time.  We hope you don't notice the apparent apathy in our lack of effort!  Stay subscribed!"

So lame.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Soloing with a Guardian Druid in Ulduar 10

I just wanted to do a summary post about my first foray into soloing 10 man Ulduar on my druid, Lifehack.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Screenshots of MoP So Far

I've been doing a lot of blog posts without pictures since MoP came out.  The reason for that is because I've actually been blogging a lot at work.  What this means is that I actually just type up a thought, email it to my personal email, and I post it through the Blogger app on my phone.  I don't have access to any images, nor do I have the ability to link items when I post this way.  Hopefully I can produce some more fully formed posts soon.  Life has been busy lately.

Anyhow, here is a collection of some of the screenshots I've taken throughout MoP.  Some are guild first kill shots, some are just fun things I wanted to be able to remember.  I hope you enjoy.

That's all.  I hope you enjoyed :)

Key Bindings

This post is mostly a way to share my current keybinding set with a guildie.  He was complaining on Twitter earlier about having issues with too many binds on his feral druid alt.  My keybindings are universal across all alts.  I think they're pretty easy to remember, and none of them require any advanced finger-yoga.  Here's what I use for my feral: