Monday, November 12, 2012

Key Bindings

This post is mostly a way to share my current keybinding set with a guildie.  He was complaining on Twitter earlier about having issues with too many binds on his feral druid alt.  My keybindings are universal across all alts.  I think they're pretty easy to remember, and none of them require any advanced finger-yoga.  Here's what I use for my feral:

This is a SS of my entire UI.  If it's not obvious, I'm currently using Elvui, which I think is fantastic.  Now, there are some things here that I don't have keybound that I probably should, like bear form.  I don't typically end up in BF while I'm kitty, so I don't really care. I click dash, which is bad.  Perhaps that should go to Shift+V.  I also don't have might of ursoc on my bars.  When I remember to, I'm just going to macro that to survival instincts.

Now, here's a close up of the bulk of the binds.  I say bulk because the bindings I have for my mounts (flight form, etc) are on the far right vertical bar.  They're not really relevant for combat, so they don't get zoomed.

I'm currently not using a ton of macros on my druid, which I kind of prefer. I also have issues with using modifier macros, but that's a topic for another post. These keybinds are designed to be easy to access without having to stretch your hands all over the place.  Here's the list:

Keys, Bar 1:
Shift+R: Tiger's Fury
T:Ferocious Bite
Shift+V:Basically unassigned as I use Shift+S for Prowl

Keys, Bar 2:
Shift+1:Nature's Swiftness
Shift+2:Savage Roar
Shift+4:Wild Charge
G:Currently my extra action button macro.  Normally this is Skull Bash
A:Stampeding Roar
Shift+G:Healing Touch
F:Mighty Bash
Shift+E:Survival Instincts
V:Faerie Fire

Generally speaking, for ability types, I like to keep some uniformity across alts.  Here's what I use on my main, a ret paladin:

Shift+2 on both toons is a high priority refreshable damage buff.  Shift+D is for AOE on both.  I usually use R and Shift+R with damage cooldown abilities.  G is always an interrupt (when the toon has one) and F is always a stun or some kind of disorient. Some binds aren't congruent, but that doesn't matter.  Sometimes they can't anyway.  A certain amount of sameness can help make a keybind easier to work into your muscle memory.

Anyhow, That's all I'm going to say about that.  Hopefully this helps!

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