Friday, October 19, 2012

Turtles All the Way Down

Farming Ironpaw Tokens

I’m one of those players who actually enjoy repetitive farming. For some reason the simplicity and repetition appeals to me. I also enjoy the prospect of random drop chances. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours farming for turtle meat on my warlock, Illex. The spot I was in isn’t totally unknown. During the time I spent there I saw a few people try to come in and start farming themselves. I like to think my prodigious warlock multi-dotting skills scared some would-be farmers off. Anyway, here’s some info on the spot and what it’s good for.

The spot in question is at the north end of the Pools of Purity in the Valley of the Four Winds. I certainly wasn’t the first person to find this gem, but I think it’s worth sharing regardless. These pools are apparently a congregation point for level 86 turtles in the zone. They have pretty low health (around 110k) and don’t do anything particularly obnoxious. As a clothie, it’s important to stay out of melee range as (if you’re doing it right) it’s pretty easy to have your health drop when you get converged on by a crowd of turtles. When they’re out of melee range they have some kind of instant cast ranged ability that shoots water bubbles. Don’t concern yourself with this; it does minimal damage.

What’s the point of farming these mobs? Well, there are a couple of good ones. As a farmer, I like there to be multiple reasons for committing myself to something like this. First, my warlock started the process as a level 85, brand new to Pandaria. Illex has an average item level around 372, which any fresh 85 can get from the gear vendor at Halfhill. I wanted to get some XP out of the deal (one of the reasons I didn’t use my paladin,) and I got plenty. By the time I was done, I ended up about 38% into level 86. The main reason people farm this area is for motes of harmony. The mobs have a ridiculously high respawn rate and a pretty decent chance of dropping motes. Spirits of Harmony aren’t of any use to my lock right now, but the 56 motes I rounded up may come in handy at some point in the future. The primary reason I had for culling the turtle population was for their meat. Stacks of various Pandaria meats, fish, and veggies can be turned in at Halfhill in exchange for Ironpaw tokens. The sheer quantity of potential meat drops makes this a viable way of amassing tokens much faster than normal. Over the course of two days of fairly light farming, I got 40 tokens, enough for that flippable table I was after. I’m going to take a look at whether or not this will be an efficient way of power leveling different ways of cooking. 40 tokens could buy a lot of different types of cooking ingredients.

In summary, 2-3 hours at the pools of purity isn’t going to have a crazy gold per hour return unless you’re utilizing the Spirits of Harmony with a crafting profession. However, this spot is still extremely useful. My efforts got me 401 turtle meat, around 280g in gray trash drops (the turtles drop a 6g gray shell fragment,) 56 motes of harmony, two blue 410-425 ilevel items, about 90g in repair costs and 36(!) green items. Prior to moving my lock to Halfhill, I considered utilizing a potion of luck during my farming. Given the volume of stuff I got from normal drops, I don’t feel it would have been worth it to burn 3 potions (9 golden lotus, or more than half of the SoH I ended up with.) Having a dot class (affliction locks are beastly for this, trust me) makes this easy and fun. I could dot up and kite around as many as 12 level 86 mobs at a time. Classes without a couple of ranged instants can obviously do this, but it’ll be a little less fluid. All in all, this was a fantastic way for me to land a flippable table in a very short period of time. The Pools of Purity have multiple uses, so keep them in mind for your farming needs.

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