Monday, December 12, 2011

My UI/Inquisition Tracking

The other day, @Orvillius asked me a couple of things about how I track Inquisition in Jack's UI.

As it is, I'm very satisfied with the UI I've settled on.  I use this same configuration with all of my characters and I think it does exactly what I need without being too flashy.  I've tried more elaborate interfaces with artsy panels and boxes around everything, but I've ended up preferring simplicity over flash.
To immediately address the question about inquisition, I use an addon called Retribution FCFS helper, or CLCRet.  In the above picture you can see how the addon shows me my available cooldowns (wings, zealotry, guardian, and trinkets/synapse springs) in addition to my "next" ability.  

Here's a shot after I've opened and am about to put up Inquisition for the first time.  You can see the addon's suggestion in the center there.  Side note: obviously I use the standard Blizzard auras for Divine Purpose and The Art of War procs.

The tracker I set up in CLCRet for Inquisition is visible in this shot.  Setting the addon up to work in this fashion wasn't too difficult utilizing what I learned from this EJ thread.  The helpful information w/screenshots is about two thirds of the way down the page.

This shot shows you what it looks like when I've got most of my cooldowns burning.  CLCRet is counting down the time left on Avenging Wrath and Zealotry while also tracking inquisition.  Zomg tentacles.

Finally, this one shows how CLCRet tracks overall cooldown times after the abilities in question have run their course.

I'm posting this shot just because I have three tentacles up and it looks amazing.  I'm so looking forward to raid on tuesday.  Love this sword.

In closing, here's a list of the UI addons (excluding DBM, Omen, etc.) visible in these shots:
Pitbull4 -Unit Frames
Dominos -Action Bars
Recount -Damage/healing/etc meter
Tiptac -Tooltip replacement
CLCRet -Ret Rotation Helper/CD Tracker
Power Auras Classic -Aura/CD/Event tracker
Sexymap -Map replacement
OmniCC -Actionbar based cooldown display
ForteXorcist -Cooldown timeline bar
Vuhdo -Healing frames/Raid frames
MIkScrollingBattleText -Combat Text

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