Monday, November 14, 2011

Blogging Challenge Day 1: Introductions

I started this blog exactly 16 days ago.  My goal was to have a creative outlet and place to share some of my thoughts on one of my favorite hobbies.  Much to my delight, I read Tikari's blog post this evening and was presented with a mountain of fun.  A WoW blogger named Saga brought forth the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge, and it was good.  Tikari has been very kind and helpful to me in this larval stage of my blog.  I'm thrilled to be able to do something as awesome as this challenge and I hope it brings my readers fun and engaging information about me, my experiences, and the game.

Now, to get on with it, today's blog post is an introduction.  I've already done this somewhat, but I'm going to mimic Tikari's formatting a bit and just do a brief rundown of my Warcraft history and some of the characters I play.

It's pretty fair to say that I'm a rabid altoholic.  On Kael'Thas I am guilty of filling every available character slot. As of today's date I have 9 level 85 characters and one level 49.  Out of the nine max level toons, four of them have been mains.

My illustrious WoW career started back in TBC, in 2007.  At that time my main was a night elf hunter named Kiadimundi.  Kia and I had many misadventures throughout raiding and pvp in the time of Illidan.  Although he was a main and a character I raided on, the amount of dragons successfully slain in that xpac was regrettably low.

Since then I've gravitated to my three other main's for a variety of reasons.  From Kia I moved on to Syntaxx, my Dranei shaman.  Syn taught me how to heal, how to itemize, how to raid, and how to get really bored with content.  My shaman saw all the content throughout Wrath of the Lich King, although I didn't ever see a LK25 kill (still haven't *tear.)  We did successfully stand over a 10 man lich corpse though, however.

Cataclysm brought a veritable whirlwind of alts and a revolving door of mains.  Syntaxx got sidelined in favor of my priest, Synnerz (who was then named Cruciatus.)  I have always loved playing shadow.  I always feel comfortable flaying and blasting minds on my little shadowy gnome.  Sadly I discovered how easy it was to do raid dominating dps on my hunter, so I graduated from a spriest back to my Kia as a main.  At this time I undertook a race change and Kiadimundi became a hulking wolf-man badass Worgen.

Raiding in my first Cata guild gradually went stale and I was forced to shop around.  The Ebon School was and is always a place I will be loyal to, so I felt the need to leave my hunter there and roll another main.  At that time I hadn't ever played a paladin at max level, so that was my pick.  I server transferred a level 39 twink ret paladin named Erosus (which was a name I lazily borrowed from my rogue on KT) back home and set to leveling him.  Sidenote: prior to moving said paladin from Kael'Thas to Dragonmaw or whatever server he was on, his name was Nerdrage.

Erosus/Nerdrage became Jacklalane, the inspiration for this blog.  Jack joined Cereal Killers the day he hit KT soil and hasn't ever looked back.  I leveled as holy/ret largely using the dungeon finder.  I wholeheartedly love playing in either of my specs.  Of the three healing classes (pally, priest, druid,) I've tried in Cataclysm, paladin comes most naturally to me.  Healing makes me really feel like a vital piece of the puzzle when raiding.  I love it, really.  That being said, I think I'm truly a DPS at heart.  To be completely honest, when DPSing a raid boss I get this wave of adrenaline going that really blows my skirt up.

Right now I'm in a bit of an awkward place, feeling like I would very much like to be in a more focused raiding guild but find myself being torn between Warcraft and my real life commitments.  This blog serves as my sounding board for such thoughts and I hope it serves me well in choosing a path.  I've spent and enjoyed a lot of time playing this game and I hope I can continue in a fashion that makes me and those I care about happy.

In real life I play a mild mannered banker.  I work with a manager that talks about SWTOR almost incessantly.  My other interests are biking (road and mountain,) photography, reading, and writing of all sorts.  My literary muscle has atrophied a bit over the last year or two, so forgive me if the contents of these pages lack a certain creative dynamic.  I hope to exercise that muscle here for both my enjoyment and yours.

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