Sunday, November 13, 2011

Prospects for The Week

It's Sunday night and I find myself house sitting yet again.  I have a few friends and family members that turn to me for somebody to watch their homes and pets.  Over the last couple of years I've house-sat probably six times a year on average.  Depending on the duration, I usually don't mind it.  I usually end up missing my own bed, my cats, the comfort of my house, but it takes me a good while to get to that point.

Tonight I'm nestled in a comfortable leather chair belonging to my good friend Bevan's parents.  Watching their house is always a pleasant experience.  Since I'm away from home I'm actually reaching out to you, my faithful audience, from my laptop.  I haven't played WoW/done much of anything on my lappy in a while, so I'm giving it a minute to let Dropbox sync and for windows to update.  What a pain in the ass.  Dropbox is a wonderful program that is usually as reliable as the day is long, but right now it seems to be having some issues downloading the files I added earlier today.  These particular files are actually my user interface.  I'm trying to attempt to keep some uniformity between my two pc's.   Since my computer is crawling a bit due to the Windows/Dropbox updating, I thought I'd blog a bit about my hopes for the week.

This last week I've spent a lot of time on my paladin farming transmog gear.  I actually ran Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, and Sunwell Plateau for the first time, in hopes of gathering a variety of awesome looking armor pieces.  All in all I didn't have that much success as far as my acquisitions go, but I sure had fun.  Blizzard came up with something that is very broadly appealing when they decided to include mogging in 4.3.  I've always held on to cool gear from previous raid tiers because I'm a nostalgic player.  My shaman, Syntaxx, has all of her Tier 7/7.5 gear from Naxx 2.0 because it's cool AND it's her first real tier set.  Jack will hold onto his t11 stuff for the same reasons.  I wasn't lucky enough to play classic wow, so I'm currently in the process of farming up the Paladin Judgement set, which is tier 2 I believe.

How badass is that?  I feel like this armor set just screams paladin, in the coolest way possible.  Just like my firelands tier, it's a little cloth-plate ish, but I dig it.  When I ran BWL with my guildies this week I was lucky enough to get the iconic helm.  None of the other bosses coughed up anything from the set, but it was cool to see some new-to-me content.  I did get 2 Force Reactive Disks made when I ran my Shaman through MC, and I must say I'm PUMPED to wear that shield.  I feel it's going to be a pretty rare piece around town.  Check it out in game through Atlasloot; pictures don't do its coolness justice.  Hopefully I can get a group together after the lockout resets to do another BWL excursion.  I find it pretty unfortunate that the first boss can't be solo'd, but there's no use bitching over something like that.

In addition to the Judgement Armor set, I'm also looking to get a 25 man Naxx group together so I can have a shot at Betrayer of Humanity.  It doesn't exactly flow with the Judgement set, but it is such an awesome looking axe I'd still love to have it.

Aside from my transmog lusting, this week *should* mean another run through Firelands.  Right now I'm stockpiling VP to buy my first t12 ret pieces.  Last week's raid was deeply frustrating, which you'd know if you read my blog post on it. I'm hoping we can be a little more focused on what we are/are not doing as far as heroics are concerned.  I'm prepared with a new set of helpful suggestions for Shannox and Baleroc's hard modes, but it's always a guessing game whether or not people will listen to me.  By that I don't mean I'm the only person with an idea worth listening to, but generally when I get on vent and start throwing out suggestions, I'm greeted with a lot of apathy.  We're really a terrible heroic raiding guild.  A big part of me would rather just zerg the first six bosses and actually try to get some rag in on Tuesday instead of letting it go to another day of the week (which I most likely won't be attending.)

I'm going to log this week's raid, like I did last lockout.  This time around I'm actually going to try to take some of our under performing DPS aside to try and help them.  Our rogue in particular is right on the cusp of being a really great DPS, if only he did a few things better.  I've had generous offers of help in this area from a few of my twitter pals.  You know who you are, and thank you both.  Hopefully I can help raise the bar for a few of us in raid this week.

On the whole, I have high hopes for Tuesday and beyond.  I'll be keeping this blog updated on my progress in all things, so stay tuned.  Maybe the next Judgement set screenshot I use in this blog will actually be of Jack.

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