Sunday, November 20, 2011

WoW's 7th Anniversary. Now with more tabard so you can tabard while you tabard!

I almost forgot that this was coming.  Upon logging in tonight to check my mail before bed, I was greeted with achievement spam.

The item granted for this anniversary is called "Celebration Package."  I'd link it, but it's not in Wowhead's database just yet.  Honestly, I would have preferred a pet instead of a tabard-tabard, but whatever.  The XP/reputation bonus will be appreciated at some point I'm sure.  The package doesn't appear to have a limited number of uses or a duration on the item its self, so I guess that's good.  The tabard is ugly, but that gives it a bit of charm I think.

Anyway, I'm too tired for this shit.  Enjoy this SS of Jack while I go to bed.
Yup, a player named Ratfarts logged in just in time to be a part of this screenshot.

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