Friday, November 4, 2011

Thank You

Just really quick, I'd like to thank Josef and Tikari for taking the time to comment on my last entry.  The content of that blog came from genuine emotions.  Although this is indeed just a game, it's still something I spend a good deal of time doing.  Finding justification, motivation, and enjoyment in a hobby that most of my real life friends misunderstand and often disapprove of, is not only helpful but necessary.  Myself being new to the Warcraft blogging community, I feel grateful to have received those two comments.

Thanks much.

Also, I plan on adding more content to my "noteworthy wow blogs" sidebar.  Additionally, if anybody out there is familiar with blogger and how to make entries more content rich (with appropriately sized images, links, and even possibly working mouseover links,) please feel free to message me at @Colinjhawkins on Twitter.

Stay tuned for an attempt at humorous fictional accounts of nonsensical Warcraft situations.

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